Pregnancy Info 911

Mothers-to-be know what it feels like to deal with the added stress of preparation. They have to prepare for, not only labor, but also for the nursery, clothing, diapers, formula, and so much more. The idea of saving money at such an expensive time seems near impossible but keeping an eye on the little things can add up to big savings for the whole family.

When a pregnancy comes along there is usually a baby shower involved in the process. This will be the saving grace for your baby’s first year or more. Clothing, shoes, diapers, furniture, and other items that will be needed when the baby arrives. One slight problem that arises at almost every shower is the clothing items that will not be used in proper timing with the seasons. If your Aunt buys your baby Winter clothes in a 3-4 month size, but your baby will be 7 months by Winter, then it comes to conclude that you will be giving away some of those unusable items. You may run across this for several items and you can turn these into cash or usable sizes.

Ask friends and family about putting together a baby-swap. No, not a literal baby swap, you plan a day for all ladies with children ages 3 and under to gather old clothes (in good condition) and come to a tea party. The items that others can use for their children have a swap-off. This way everyone gets something they need in exchange for something they couldn’t use.

If you don’t know enough ladies to gather a baby-swap then you should turn your sites toward a better deal. Resale stores can be an amazing place to find infant clothes, most of which still have tags in place, and other necessities for baby. The best part is the slightly used furniture that can be gently restored with minimal work for only pennies on the dollar. Two in One furniture items are the must-haves to put on your list. These combo pieces can serve double duty for things such as changing tables plus a dresser. Cribs are now made with extra drawer space for hiding diapers, and other items that you may need on hand. You’ll be amazed at the amount of sales and savings that you can find at your local resale store. This is the type of place to purchase the clothing for your baby’s fast-paced growing years. Find name brands for pennies, and furniture at amazing discounts. Sometimes resale stores offer in-store credit when you donate items. So go and offer them your Aunt’s too-late Winter clothing and grab a shopping bag. You and baby will be ready when the time comes.